Monday, April 15, 2013

VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for the Week of 4/15/13

Monday, April 15th:

5:59am: The Lounge Lizards:  "Bob the Bob", from the album "Voice of Chunk."
6:20am: The Wood Brothers:  "Fixing a Hole", Live at the Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI., 8/6/06.
6:49am: Frank Vignola:  "Dust in the Wind", from the album "Melody Magic."
6:58am: Bryan Ferry Orchestra:  "Don't Stop the Dance", from the album "The Jazz Age."
7:20am: Billy Martin's Wicked Knee:  "Muffaletta", from the album "Heels Over Head."
7:58am: Alex Machacek:  "Yoga For Cats, Part II", from the album "Improvision."
8:20am: Soulive:  "Taxman", from the album "Rubber Soulive."
8:39am: Courtney Pine:  "Wrapped Around Your Finger", from the album "A Reggae Tribute to The Police."
8:50am: Floratone:  "Do You Have It?", from the album "Floratone II."
8:59am: The Apples:  "Kings", from the album of the same name. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for the Week of 4/8/13

Monday, April 8th:
5:59am:  The Reveille:  "Tall Cedars", from the album "Instrumental Songs for Study and Reflection."
6:20am:  Soren Bodker Madsen:  "Local Hero", from the album "Acoustic Guitar."
6:49am:  Beastie Boys:  "Ricky's Theme", from the album "The In Sound From Way Out."
6:58am:  Jazz Mandolin Project:  "Oh Yeah", from the album "Jungle Tango."
7:20am:  DJ Logic:  "Michelle", from the album "The Anomaly."
7:58am:  Penguin Cafe Orchestra:  "Scherzo and Trio", from the album "Union Cafe."
8:20am:  Leo Kottke:  "Living in the Country", from the album "My Feet Are Smiling."
8:39am:  Keller Williams:  "Fire on the Mountain", Live from Mishawaka Amphitheater, Bellvue, CO., 7/13/12
8:59am:  Vijay Iyer:  "Human Nature", from the album "Solo."

Tuesday, April 9th:
5:59am:  The Oscar Moore Quartet :  "Samson and Delilah Theme", from the album "The Oscar Moore Quartet with Carl Perkins."
6:20am:  Shawn Lee and the Ping Pong Orchestra:  "Song for David", from the album "Voices and Choices."
6:49am:  Jazz Mandolin Project:  "Ol' 55", from the album "Deep Forbidden Lake."
6:58am:  Cameron Mizell:  "Spinning Wheel", from the album "Life Is Loud."
7:20am:  Tim Ries:  "Ruby Tuesday", from the album "The Rolling Stones Project."
7:58am   John Scofield:  "Behind Closed Doors", from the album "This Meets That."
8:20am:  The Meters:  "Here Comes the Meter Man", from the album of the same name.
8:39am:  Grateful Dead: "Birdsong", Live from Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, CA., 6/30/73
8:50am:  Stanton Moore:  "Maple Plank", from the album "Stanton Moore III."
8:59am:  South Austin Jug Band:  "Little Wing", from the album "South Austin Jug Band."

Wednesday, April 10th: 
5:59am:  Ryan Miller:  "Hairy Arms", from the soundtrack to the film "Safety Not Guaranteed."
6:20am:  Beastie Boys:  "Transitions", from the album "The In Sound From Way Out."
6:49am:  Addison Groove Project:  "Beantown", Live from the Funk Box, Baltimore, MD., 11/16/03.
6:58am:  Jazz Mandolin Project:  "Hallelujah", from the album "Deep Forbidden Lake."
7:20am:  JJ Grey and Mofro:  "Blackwater", from the album of the same name.
7:58am:  Chris Joss: "You've Been Spiked", from the album of the same name.
8:20am:  Maceo Parker:  "Inner City Blues", from the album "Funkoverload."
8:39am:  Frank Vignola:  "Eye of the Tiger", from the album "Melody Magic."
8:50am:  Grateful Dead:  "Althea", Live from Penn. State University, 5/7/80.
8:59am:  Django Reinhardt:  "Tiger Rag", from the album "Django and Friends."

Thursday, April 11th:
5:59am:  David Murray:  "Estimated Prophet", from the album "Dark Star."
6:20am:  Richard "Groove" Holmes:  "Hallelujah, I Love Her So", from the album "The Best of the Pacific Jazz Years."
6:49am:  Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers:  "Stander on the Mountain", from the live album "Dagle's Choice, Vol. 1."
6:58am:  Keller Williams:  "Eyes of the World", Live from Mishawaka Amphitheater, Bellvue, CO., 7/13/12.
7:20am:  Old and In the Way:  "Old and In the Way Breakdown", from the album "Breakdown."
7:58am:  Charlie Hunter:  "Island in the Sun", from the album "Earth Tones."
8:20am:  Joshua Redman:  "Another Blues", from the album "Compass."
8:39am:  Benoit Charest:  "Filature", from the soundtrack to the film "The Triplets of Belleville."
8:50am:  Phish:  "You Enjoy Myself", from the album "Junta."
8:59am:  Stephane Wrembel:  "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams", from the album "Gypsy Rumble."

Friday, April 12th:
5:59am:  The Budos Band:  "Ghost Walk", from the album "The Budos Band."
6:20am:  Stevie Ray Vaughan:  "Riviera Paradise", from the album "In Step."
6:49am:  The Big Wu:  "Cold Rain and Snow", Live from the Radisson Hotel Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN., 12/31/04.
6:58am:  Addison Groove Project:  "Use Me", Live from the Funk Box, Baltimore, MD., 11/16/03.
7:20am:  Brian Eno:  "Another Green World", from the album of the same name.
7:58am:  Doug Perkins:  "Hang Glide", from the album "Music For Flat-Top Guitar."
8:20am:  Eric McFadden:  "Jockey Full of Bourbon", from the album "Pull A Rabbit Out of His Hat Tribute, Vol. 2."
8:39am:  DJ Logic:  "JJ Bailey", from the album "Presents Project Logic."
8:50am:  Grateful Dead:  "Mission in the Rain", Live from Boston Music Hall, 6/12/76
8:59am:  The Who:  "Sparks", from the album "Tommy."

Featured artists this week were Burlington-born Jazz Mandolin Project and the Beastie Boys (RIP Adam Yauch).

Friday, April 5, 2013

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

NPR's Richard Gonzales Visits VPR

We received a surprise visit from NPR's Richard Gonzales today, who is in Vermont visiting colleges with his son. He's a National Desk Correspondent, based in San Francisco. It's always a kick to put a face with a voice...even for those of us who work here!

Director of News Ross Sneyd, NPR National Desk Correspondent Richard Gonzales,
VPR President & CEO Robin Turnau

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Public Radio Music Month!

VPR is proud to partner with NPR and stations around the country in the second annual Public Radio Music Month, a nationwide initiative that connects local public radio stations, artists and audiences in communities across the United States. 

Listen to VPR Classical and VPR News throughout April to hear special programs, conversations, and more to celebrate public radio's contributions to our state's musical landscape. NPR will also capture and share examples from around the country at, including a post today about VPR Classical’s new Student Composer Showcase, which also debuts this week.

Some other features we’re planning include:
  • Guest hosts will join Joe Goetz, Walter Parker, and Kari Anderson on VPR Classical as well as Reuben Jackson on Friday Night Jazz and Robert Resnik on All The Traditions to chat about music in a segment we’re calling "Studio Buddies."
  • Reuben Jackson will pay tribute to Duke Ellington, whose birthday is also this month (4/29), with reflections and recommendations for CDs and books, audio from his recent talk about Ellington, and photos.
  • My Place Host Joel Najman’s lecture on Darlene Love.
  • VPR Classical’s Beethoven Project.
  • Vermont Edition live music performances.
  • ...and more!
You can learn more at and by following the project on Facebook and Twitter

Monday, April 1, 2013

VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for the Week of 4/1/13

Monday, April 1st:  
(Suggested April Fool's Day prank: Celebrate Poisson de Avril as the French do--and apparently have since the 16th Century--by surreptitiously sticking a picture of a fish on someone's back.)

5:59am:  Bill Frisell: "Egg Radio", from the album "Gone, Just Like a Train."
6:20am:  Kermit Ruffins: "If I Only Had A Brain", from the album "Happy Talk."
6:49am:  Chick Corea and Hiromi:  "Fool On the Hill", from the album "Duet: Chick & Hiromi."
6:58am:  Slightly Stoopid:  "Tom and Jerry", from the album "Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid."
7:20am:  Phish: "Magilla", from the album "A Picture of Nectar."
7:58am:  Christian McBride: "Walking on the Moon", from the album "Sci Fi."
8:20am:  Steely Dan: "Bodhisattva", from the album "Countdown to Ecstacy."
8:39am:  Self: "What a Fool Believes", from the album "Gizmodgery." (* Performed entirely on Fisher Price children's toy instruments!)
8:50am:  Soulive:  "I Want You", from the album "Rubber Soulive."
8:59am:  Matt Wilson:  "Bridge Over Troubled Water", from the album "An Attitude for Gratitude."

Wednesday, April 3rd:
 5:59am:  Michael Hedges:  "If I Needed Someone", from the album "Pure Michael Hedges."
6:20am:  Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, and Max Roach: "REM Blues", from the album "Money Jungle."
6:49am:  Grateful Dead: "They Love Each Other", Live from Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, 6/19/76.
6:58am:  Mike Gordon:  "Major Minor", from the album "Inside In."
7:20am:  Aaron Parks:  "Riddle Me This", from the album "Invisible Cinema."
7:58am:  James Newton Howard:  "The Ghost", from the soundtrack to the film "Duplicity."
8:20am:  Big Sam's Funky Nation:  "Take 5", from the album "King of the Party."
8:39am:  Bad Plus: "Tom Sawyer", from the album "Prog."
8:50am:  The Backyard Heavies:  "Soul Junction", from the album "Expo 83."
8:59am:  CMH Various Artists:  "Touch of Grey", from the album "Swingin' with the Grateful Dead."

Thursday, April 4th:
5:59am:  Lemongrass: "Elle Et Moi", from the album"Beach Affairs."
6:20am:  John Fahey:  "Sunflower River Blues", from the album "John Fahey, Peter Lang, Leo Kottke."
6:49am:  Jazz Mandolin Project:  "Goin' to California", Live from Bonaroo Music Festival, 6/12/04.
6:58am:  Marcus Roberts and Bela Fleck:  "One Blue Truth", from the album "Across the Imaginary Divide."
7:20am:  Medeski, Martin and Wood:  "Floodwaters", from the album "20."
7:58am:  Beastie Boys:  "Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament", from the album "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2."
8:20am  Wicked Knee:  "I'm Blue", from the album "Wicked Knee."
8:39am:  Isaac Hayes:  "Pursuit of the Pimpmobile", from the album "Truck Turner."
8:50am:  Gua Gua:  "Calm Storm", from the album "Pan Frito."
8:59am:  Dr. Lonnie Smith:  "Sexx Laws", from the album "Boogaloo to Beck."

Friday, April 5th:
5:59am:  Ahmad Jamal: "Blue Moon", from the album of the same name.
6:20am:  Kermit Driscoll:  "Boomstatz", from the album "Reveille."
6:49am:  Grateful Dead: "Eyes of the World", Live from the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, 6/18/76.
6:58am:  Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte:  "All Hell Broke Loose", from the album "Come In Red Dog, This Is Tango Leader."
7:58am:  Stephane Wrembel:  "La Foule", from the album "Introducing Stephane Wrembel."
8:20am:  North Mississippi All Stars:  "I'd Love to be a Hippie", Live from Tipitina's, New Orelans, LA., 2/13/09.
8:39am:  Benevento & Russo Duo:  "Bronko's Blues", from the album "Best Reason To Buy the Sun."
8:50am:  March Fourth Marching Band:  "Fat Alberta", Live from Pool Deck Jam Cruise 11, 1/10/13
8:59am:  Pat Metheny:  "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls", from the album of the same name.