Friday, October 17, 2008

Playoffs + Pledge Drives = Poetry

So, here's the thing: if we're very lucky, Red Sox Nation's VPR Chapter gets to cheer on our beloved team in the playoffs while simultaneously working long hours to put on VPR's October membership drive. Over the years, we've found that writing baseball haikus to one another helps to clear our minds of worrying about the Sox so that we can focus on the drive. A few highlights from yesterday:

Mitch Wertlieb, Morning Edition Host:
The Dice-K readies
Red Sox fate in the balance
May he pitch a gem

Joe Goetz, VPR Classical Host:
We've done it before
Gotta keep that faith, baby
Ha, yeah, sure, okay....

Fred Child, Performance Today Host (at RSN's American Public Media HQ):
The Rays had their fun
Tonight their hubris will fall
Fooled by gyroballs

Please, no more meatballs
I prefer champagne instead
Down 3-1? No prob.

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