Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Timelessness of Great Music

Yesterday morning the buzz started early. As our music guests arrived and began warming up in the performance studio, word made its way around quickly and very soon a cluster of staff began gathering outside the studio to make some visual connection with the glorious sound leaking out. It was obvious we were in for a very special experience. The performers were "Asteria"; soprano Sylvia Rhyne and her partner, tenor/lutenist Eric Redlinger. They went on the air at 11 with Walter Parker, and for the next hour they shared timeless songs of human expression, about love, and yearning, and life destiny. And for just that hour, the clock melted away completely, the walls around the performance studio disappeared, and the music transported us to a place far away from our 21st century world. That's the power of music.

Again I find myself so grateful to our generous listeners for making these unforgettable experiences possible! Thank you! [You can revisit yesterday's performance here:
Asteria Live on VPR]

- Cheryl Willoughby

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