Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best of Public Radio 2008

This Saturday, December 27th, VPR will air The Best of Public Radio. This is the first year this program is being offered and VPR is exited to give listeners a look back at 2008. And just so you’re not surprised, the program will also give listeners a chance to make a gift to VPR. Yes, it’s a fundraising program, and here’s why...

Vermont Public Radio is seeing underwriting support decline for the first time in its history. Here we are near the end of December, with underwriting revenue of $140,000 this month compared to $170,000 last December, nearly a 20% decline. Businesses are having a hard time keeping their doors open, never mind having their business heard on Morning Edition.

We receive about one third of our annual revenue from business underwriting, nearly $2M of VPR’s $6.5M budget. As business support continues to decline, we’re looking at other ways to raise the money needed to continue to cover the news, pay our share for NPR programs, and broadcast VPR Classical. We’re cutting costs, by nearly 10% so far, but we’re also trying new approaches like the “Best of Public Radio” end of year fundraiser that offers listeners an opportunity to keep VPR strong for 2009. I hope you’ll listen in and let me know what you think.

Robin Turnau
Vice President for Development
Vermont Public Radio

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