Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jane Lindholm: Vermont Edition Turns Two

Vermont Edition Host Jane Lindholm shared these thoughts about the program's anniversary and new evening rebroadcast:

Vermont Edition
turns two today. That's two years, 500 shows, and interviews in the quadruple digits. When I started here I rarely hosted dinner parties, let alone a public radio program but I was pretty sure I would like it. And I do; I love hosting Vermont Edition. I get to talk to fascinating people and learn new things every single day. What a great job!

What I was less certain of when the show hit the air was how listeners would respond. It’s been gratifying to see such a positive response. Vermont Edition has gained a loyal following and found a comfortable place for itself in the regional news landscape. Even more exciting is how crucial listeners have become to the success of the program—contributing topic ideas, participating in the conversations, and keeping me in check.

But many have also approached me expressing frustration that they couldn’t hear the program at noon. There was a sense that they were missing out on conversations with Vermont’s political leaders, artists, and newsmakers. Programming VPR's schedule is beyond my pay grade, but I was thrilled when VPR made the decision to rebroadcast Vermont Edition in the evenings. It means that people who can’t turn the radio on at noon, who don’t get a lunch break, or don’t have the ability to podcast the program can still hear it.

I know this isn’t a decision that every single listener will be as excited about as I am, but it is a direct result of listener requests. I hope you’ll listen at 7 p.m. and let us know what you think.

And I want to take this time to say thanks. Your participation has made Vermont Edition a dynamic, exciting, and intelligent show. I’m continually impressed by the questions you ask on the program and the comments you send my way. So thanks. And thanks, especially, for listening.

Jane Lindholm
Host, Vermont Edition

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  1. While I candidly admit that some of the VE topics are of more interest to me than others, listening to Vermont Edition has become a regular part of my lunchtime routine when I'm within the listening area. The entire Noon-to-1 hour is very worthwhile listening, starting with the national news at Noon. Keep up the great work! (My wife & I donate to VPR, too.)


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