Wednesday, April 7, 2010

VPR prEview: VPR Goes To Fenway, Murrow Awards, Live From The Border

I stayed up late Sunday night to watch the Red Sox open their season against the Yankees. When the Sox were losing 5-1 in 5th inning, I’ll admit to being an unfaithful fan: I cut my losses, said goodnight to my friends and headed home. When I found out that the Sox had actually pulled out a win, I tried my best not to take credit, even though it was obviously because I had stopped watching!

The experience was also a reminder that you never know when you'll be surprised. That's true with VPR too – whether it's the multi-part piece on the Pony Express I heard on Weekend Edition or the story about the leopard seal that kept trying to feed penguins to a photographer on the latest episode of Radiolab – you just never know what you might hear or learn.

In this edition of prEview, you'll find details about the third annual VPR trip to Fenway Park and an upcoming live performance by the Tom Cleary Trio. Plus, Vermont Edition broadcasts live from the Vermont-Canada border next week.

Read the rest of prEview here....

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