Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exploring VPR Classical's Music

Earlier this summer I was contacted by the producers at Exploring Music with an intriguing proposition. They were beginning to work on a series called "Director's Choice", with radio program directors all over the world being asked to submit some of their favorite music to share with the audience.

The question: "Do you have any favorite pieces you can share with us?" My response: "DO I!"

But where to start? I have many favorites. My personal tastes in classical music run from opera to choral and early music, to Dvořák and very contemporary compositions.

In the end I decided to send in four recommendations, based solely on the criteria of what pieces I most wanted other people to have a chance to hear. They were:
Of the four I suggested, we recently learned that three had been selected to be featured on the "Director's Choice" series! There wasn't time to include the Neapolitan canzona, but the other three were chosen for the show.

In particular I am very happy that Troy Peters' piece has been selected. I first became familiar with Between Hills Briefly Green right when I arrived at VPR for my new job here in the fall of 2004. It's a lush, shimmering piece that beautifully evokes the verdant, fleetingly sweet days of Vermont's summertime. How perfect that it's being featured now, post-Labor Day, as we make the transition from summer to autumn.

This evening's performance of Between Hills Briefly Green features the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, in a recording made at Middlebury College in September of 2003 as part of the Orchestra's annual autumn "Made in Vermont" tour. I hope you'll be able to hear it with our other choices on this special "Director's Choice" program.

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin airs this evening at 7pm ET on VPR Classical. Remember you can also listen online, here at VPR.NET!

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