Friday, January 14, 2011

Unstrung, Day Four

We're making a dramatic glissando into the home stretch here on the week-long project to rewire VPR's 1970 Yamaha C7. For the last few days the performance studio has been awash in rolls of wire, all kinds of unusual hand tools, and an impressive assortment of various adhesives and cleaners.

When I checked in this morning Piano Technician Allan Day was already getting to work. With the help of pianist and VPR Classical afternoon host Joe Goetz, Allan is installing the piano's bass strings. After that he'll finish off the strings at the top end and replace the hammers, dampers, and the keyboard. We'll catch up with that part of the project later this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to hearing the piano played once all of the strings are in and the keyboard's been reinstalled, but before it's tuned. (Maybe we can talk Joe into playing something to give us an idea what that sounds like!)

For now, here's the work that Allan and Joe were doing this morning including installing the "A" string - the very lowest bass string on the piano:

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