Monday, March 14, 2011

Read Tomorrow's Authors & Poets Today

We're very excited at VPR to have a new partnership with the imaginative and creative Young Writers Project. We look forward to working with the students involved as well as project director Geoff Gevalt, a longtime journalist.

The Young Writers Project is a community of young writers who share their work online. VPR will feature a new piece each week. The first essay is by Rae Ellis, a senior at Woodstock Union High School, who gives us insight into her life through a a relationship with a special traveling companion - her trusty car.

This is a great partnership for VPR, because it expands the opportunity to hear the public voice. Already, VPR broadcasts essays from dozens of people from our region in the VPR Commentary Series, and the YWP will add even more perspectives.

As we work together with the YWP we hope to hear all kinds of cool things. In addition to written essays, we hope to post some audio, some video, and perhaps some blog posts.

Read Rae Ellis's essay, and check back every Monday for a new post.

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