Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing The Public Post

Welcome to VPR's Public Post, a new digital local news source where you'll find town and city minutes, a public conversation about the news in your town, and insight into local government through stories reported about common issues.

Public Post is an ambitious public service concept. It's a new source for minutes from select boards and city councils, not only for your town, but for other towns - 31 so far - that represent our state’s geographic and political diversity in the 14 counties. We’ll add more soon.

The new service presents an opportunity to learn about important issues coming before your community and an opportunity to discuss them online with your neighbors and with people in other communities. We hope you will be inspired to post a headline from your town and start a discussion.

You can browse municipal minutes and make the connections between issues that are sprouting up in our communities. VPR will report on trends that surface around these issues and you will find these stories at the Public Post. One of the first themes we discovered, for example, is that many towns are struggling to overhaul their aging water systems.

Public Post is part of VPR's continuing commitment to provide essential, trusted and relevant news and information to you in many different categories, whether it’s national news from NPR, in-depth state news reports over the air or online at, the legislative streams from the Statehouse, a conversation on Vermont Edition, or social media connections with VPR and VPR hosts and reporters.

We hope this new local news service will provide even more meaning and context to the news that matters to you.

Kirk Carapezza is the editor and reporter at Public Post. Also on the team that has been working behind the scenes to create the Public Post are Ross Sneyd, our news editor, and Jonathan Butler, who leads VPR's digital services.

We are enthusiastic about this new concept and hope you will be too. Let us hear from you through your participation on the site and also through your feedback at

John Van Hoesen
VP for News & Programming

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