Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me On TV

You can see Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me on BBC America Friday, December 23rd. In this special NPR/BBC collaboration, Peter Segal, Carl Kasell and a panel of US and UK talent will lead us through a “2011 Year in Review” with perspectives from both sides of the pond.

Doug Berman, creator and benevolent overlord of NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and Car Talk, says: “It’s going to be pretty much what we do every week, except NPR has to add a budget line for pants.”

Host Peter Sagal says: “This is terrific, because I always assumed that the only way I could get on the BBC would be to have David Attenborough narrate my mating rituals. Glad this happened instead.”

The show will air Friday, December 23rd at 8pm on BBC America. You’ll hear the radio version Saturday the 24th at 11.

Does this mean a weekly Wait Wait.... Don't Tell Me TV program is in the works? In a recent New York Times article, Sagal said, “No comment. (I’ve always wanted to say that to The New York Times.)”

©2004 NPR Photo by Tony Nagelmann

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  1. Wait! Wait! Don't SHOW me!
    (Remember how Clik and Clak fared on TV?)


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