Thursday, December 8, 2011

Locally-Made Tables For VPR's Conference Room

VPR is a proud member of the VBSR Marketplace, a program of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and Vermont Sustainable Exchange. The VBSR Marketplace is an online business-to-business e-commerce and online payment system. We've been using the Marketplace for more than a year now to help keep our costs down while working with local, socially-responsible businesses.

When we were recently looking for tables for our conference room, we found the Vermont Woodworking School and Rachel Brydolf-Horwitz, who is a big VPR fan and wanted to craft our tables as her final project. The tables, made of solid maple, arrived today - and they are gorgeous. Thanks so much, Rachel, and to the VBSR Marketplace for helping us find each other!


  1. very nice and what a beautiful piece, I can modestly say this is a great school and very unique too, and our son goes there too, enrolled currently in an Associates Degree program in Fine Woodworking (Burlington College) and maybe a bachelors to follow, one step at a time, they do some amazing stuff and we appreciate that VPR is recognizing the school.

  2. Rachel is the bomb!!!! What beautiful work.


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