Friday, August 17, 2012

Marking The Anniversary Of Tropical Storm Irene

About this time a year ago, tropical weather was swirling in the Atlantic and would shortly become Hurricane Irene. Little did we know what was coming our way.

A house in Bethel was moved from its foundation. AP Photo
Vermont hadn't been hit full force by a tropical storm since the great New England Hurricane of 1938, before we started naming storms. And this one was worse, rivaling, and in some ways exceeding the flood of 1927.

So, with the anniversary, VPR News will take time over the next week to assess the storm and how we're recovering.

We've found that it's quite difficult to come to any blanket conclusions about how we're doing as a state. We've fixed the roads and most of the bridges are back in shape. But there is still a lot of pain and frustration and confusion among the people whose homes were battered by the storm, or whose homes simply washed away.

We aim to tell their stories over the next week. Some of them are heartwarming tales of overcoming what Irene threw at us. But for far too many of our friends, family and neighbors, recovery remains a distant dream clouded by the uncertainties of FEMA buyouts and charitable foundations.

VPR made a commitment last year to tell the stories of those affected by this incredible disaster until Vermont has recovered. And so we are. Listen all week during Morning Edition, Vermont Edition, and All Things Considered.

And we encourage you to share your own stories and photos in the comments below or on VPR's Facebook page.

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