Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Moth Returns!

The signature stories of The Moth Radio Hour return to Saturdays this week on VPR. For the next five weeks, enjoy true stories told live on stage. As usual, all the storytellers will share their powerful stories without notes or props. Instead, they will rely on their words and their voices to make their stories come alive!

In this new series, we'll hear a variety of stories. Author JT Leroy, whose real name is Laura Albert, shares her story of what it's like to be on the losing end of a literary scandal. A nerdy family thwarts petty larceny in suburban Chicago. A boy's Bar Mitvah becomes a family battleground. Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch meets a debonair man at a cocktail party and dares to think he might be Mr. Right. And so much more!

Listen to VPR Saturdays at 4 for The Moth Radio Hour!

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