Monday, February 23, 2009

VPR's Facebook: The Back Story

VPR recently created a Facebook Page. But it wasn't a decision we made overnight. VPR Staff and Management spent several weeks discussing the implications for staff. If staff members are Friends of VPR on Facebook, their FB pages would become much more public than they had before. VPR staff are a smart bunch, but we sent out an email anyway - with the reminder that our personal FB pages are now a reflection of Vermont Public Radio.

Over the course of the discussion, we learned that other businesses were tackling the same issues, and we found some valuable help at these links:

From the New York Times: "How to friend Mom, Dad and the Boss - Safely"

From Propeller Media Works: "How to balance professional and personal life on Facebook:"

By the way, since VPR's Facebook Page went public just a few days ago, we're pleased to say we have over 1,600 Fans. Click here to visit Vermont Public Radio on Facebook.

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  1. Listening in San Francisco 1:09 a.m. EDT. Happy to hear you as I havent lived in VT since 1989 but remember VPR with joby and listen occasionally when away from my current home in NYC.


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