Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vermont Edition's Summer Reading Show: The List

When I was a kid, my school library would stay open throughout the summer. During those long, lazy days of vacation, we'd bike to school a few mornings a week and while away hours browsing the stacks and picking out new books to read. Aside from keeping us amused and out of trouble, we also received McDonald's coupons for every book we read. This seems like a strange practice today, but it certainly explains why I tend to associate summer reading with cheeseburgers.

Truth is I would have grown to love reading even without the bribery, and although I rarely get to read all of the books that pique my interest, reading lists are one of my very favorite things about summer. Visit our website for the complete list of books recommended during yesterday's Vermont Edition Summer Reading Show.

And if that's not enough, NPR has a whole section of their website devoted to summer reading.

As for what I'm reading this summer, I'm almost finished with Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl, which I first heard about a few years ago on Studio 360. Next up? Tough to say, my list just got longer!

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