Thursday, December 24, 2009

Say It With Pizza

Did you know, pizza is the #1 Christmas Eve lunchtime choice at radio stations around the country? True story! A little pepperoni, a few green peppers and onions and a bunch of black olives can work wonders to replenish the spirit and keep the staff running in top form right through the end of the year.

What else could we do today at VPR but keep up our end of this time-honored tradition? As Willem Lange was telling stories of a New England Christmas on VPR, and VPR Classical was serenading the lunch hour with Handel's Messiah - the few staffers and volunteers in the building took a break. We swapped favorite Christmas carols, shared holiday plans with each other, and enjoyed two large, fully loaded pies.

Holidays are all about traditions. From favorite recipes and tree ornaments, to the colors we wear and the songs we sing. As a public radio station we're glad you're part of our tradition. Thank you for all you do to support Vermont Public Radio. Cheers to you, the New Year, and...many more pizza dates!

See VPR's holiday page for recipes and vintage staff photos, and please send us yours!

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