Friday, December 4, 2009

Live Music In The House

What's better than a live music event in the performance studio? Two.

Robert DeCormier and Counterpoint stopped by last night for a dress rehearsal, in advance of their concerts next weekend:You can listen to VPR Classical next Wednesday morning at 11 for a sneak preview of Counterpoint's upcoming holiday concerts.

Today we're pleased to welcome Ensemble Liber to the studios! They're in concert tonight at 7:30 as part of the UVM Lane Series, and they're warming up as I write this for an 11am live recital with Walter Parker, starting in around 10 minutes:I haven't seen their set list but as I was taking pictures in the studio I caught a few bars of Hugo Distler, a few bars of Tomas Luis de's going to be a special performance, I can tell already.

Also coming up next Wednesday evening, local bassist (and poet, and photographer...) Ellen Powell stops by for conversation and music in Jazz with George Thomas, starting at 9pm. You can hear these, and many other, live performances after broadcast: visit the Live Performances page at

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