Friday, July 16, 2010

The Human Touch - Saturdays at 4

Beginning this week, VPR presents a series of documentaries about people who have found extraordinary strength to accomplish extraordinary things. The programs are produced by Human Media, an independent production company whose mission is to provide programming that “helps build a more cohesive sense of community.”

Today at 4, we look at the lives of seniors – and kids. We’ll meet retirees who are bored with retirement and embarking on encore careers to find new satisfactions and continue their contributions to society. In the second half of the program, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, the author of "Taking Back Childhood," examines how media violence, overly structured school days and a culture of consumerism are impacting our kids.

Next week, meet Bill Siemering, who conceived NPR’s mission more than 40 years ago. Now, he’s establishing community radio services in third world countries. You’ll also hear from former NPR journalist Katie Davis about her Urban Rangers – a campaign to save kids in her inner city neighborhood in Washington DC.

On the 24th, Human Media looks at how Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute is pioneering research on the Relaxation Response and helping millions reduce the harmful effects of stress. And a filmmaker shares his encounters with everyday heroes around the world.

Seventy-five years ago two Vermonters helped each other stop drinking and founded Alcoholics Anonymous. On August 7th, hear the voices of people whose lives have been turned around in AA.

A life threatening diagnosis like cancer can lead people to sharpen their personal beliefs and develop a richer understanding of life’s big questions. Tune in Saturday, August 17 to learn how adults and children access inner strength to face serious illness.

In the coming months, the VPR Saturday Special will present programs on education, the next economy, and the history of the war on poverty. Radiolab returns in September and Moth Radio Hour fans can look forward to a new series as well.

Because Human Media is a small production company on a limited budget, VPR cannot make these programs available for download on our website. You can, however, hear and purchase Human Media programs at

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