Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VPR PrEview: Remembering Daniel Schorr, Summer Gardening Show, Star Gazing Party

Like many public radio listeners, I was saddened to learn of NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr’s death last week. To call him a veteran journalist is an understatement; as Scott Simon put it in a remembrance last Saturday, “no other journalist in memory saw as much history as Daniel Schorr.” I will miss his perspective and experience, but I am grateful for what I have learned from listening all these years.

You can remember Daniel Schorr and his impact on American journalism and history at And we’ll continue working to bring you context and perspective to the news every day. In this edition of prEview, we invite your questions for candidates in our upcoming primary debates, and provide you with details about he upcoming Eye on the Sky Star Gazing Party. Finally, learn more about Performance Today behind-the-scenes visit to Vermont's own Marlboro Music Festival.

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