Friday, September 9, 2011

À Bientôt - See You Later, Not 'Goodbye'

It seems like there should be a lot to say, now that I've come to the last bit of time on my final day at VPR.

But what I really want to say boils down to the simple words, "thank you".

In my seven years here I've seen the power of listener support transform VPR Classical from being one station to seven (along with many smaller-coverage translators). I've welcomed new staff members on board, helped to create a strong music library and database for the service, and enjoyed so many thoughtful conversations with listeners from around the world.

It has been my great pleasure to share the music with you, along with those special common experiences that can only happen in a place like Vermont. As I move on today and get ready to step into my new role as the Music Director at WGBH in Boston, I do so knowing I will take the many memories, friendships, and learning I've been fortunate enough to experience here along with me.

This is not a goodbye, but rather a "see you later". Because I know as public radio fans, no matter the geographical location we will forever continue to share the common radio experiences that bring us together as a human community.

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  1. We have lost a great voice for new music and classical music in general. My hope is that whoever comes in will be able to continue your wonderful work. Thank you for all you've done at VPR and best wishes for success at your new position at WGBH.

    Erik Nielsen
    Brookfield, Vermont


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