Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DJ Mitch Lays Down The Funk, Yo

As most Morning Edition listeners know, host Mitch Wertlieb can sometimes get a little, well...excited during membership drives. He's the kind of guy whose enthusiasm for public radio and the importance of listener support is so intense that he just can't keep it in.

Which is how he sometimes gets himself in (metaphorical) trouble.

Two mornings in a row, he's brought out his now-famous impression of Grandma Wertlieb, reciting what his grandmother would say if Mitch didn't support his public radio station.

There was also the great Pushups for Pledges incident of 2011. And the now-infamous shower scene from last October. And the beard-shaving fiasco of 2009.

So no one was really surprised when Mitch promised that if we met our morning pledge goal, he'd recite a little rap sent to us by VPR members Diane and William Ferriter of Thetford.

Unfortunately we came up a mere 7 pledges short - but despite, in Mitch's words, his "profound lack of beat rhythm, cadence, and timing," we convinced him to record it anyway. Enjoy!

If you haven't had the chance, we hope you'll make a contribution today online, or by calling 1-800-639-6391. We promise to not let Mitch rap anymore but we can't vouch for what he'll think of next.

Listen to Mitch Wertlieb rap here.


  1. Thanks for recording it, that's the second time today he's mad me laugh out loud. This morning I laughed so hard, I pledged for the second time this drive :)

  2. DJ Mitch replies:

    Given how much I cringe, turn crimson, and generally want to hide underneath my desk every time I hear the finished "rap", I can't thank you enough for saying you enjoyed it! (And laughter was pretty much what we were going for here--I don't think we'll be submitting it to Def Jam Records as a demo any time soon.) Thanks most of all for making such generous pledges to VPR, and giving us the leeway to have a little fun during the membership drive.

    Peace out.
    DJ Mitch

  3. Great! I was so disappointed that we didn't get to hear the rap live last week, but got a chuckle out of it this evening! Not a rap fan myself, but hey... what fun! Thank you for all the good mornings Mitch!


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