Monday, March 16, 2009

Mitch's Beard, a True Sign of Spring

Since this is radio and you primarily know us by the sound of our voices, here's a little-known fact: each winter, Morning Edition Host Mitch Wertlieb grows his beard. He traditionally shaves it on the first day the temperature in Burlington reaches 50 degrees.

Friday morning while I was producing the membership drive during Morning Edition, I informed Mitch that my car thermometer had read 52 degrees last Wednesday afternoon. "You're WRONG!" Mitch insisted. "You're WRONG!" A brutal fight ensued (see photo, above). There was talk of calling Eye on the Sky's Mark Breen to help settle the matter. But I let it go.

After a gloriously sunny weekend, I came in this morning hoping Mitch had kept an eye on the temperature which, contrary to what we've all convinced ourselves by this time of year, can sometimes begin with the number 5.

Here's the after picture. It's one of our favorite signs of spring here at VPR. I hope you'll share yours with us online here!

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