Monday, March 5, 2012

Search Vermont City & Town Meeting Minutes At Public Post

We just introduced a new feature that allows anyone to search Vermont city and town government meeting minutes. Check it out here at VPR's Public Post.

Public Post is a service from VPR that brings together local reporting from VPR News with government meeting minutes from Vermont cities and towns. Since the project launched last fall, we've added almost 70 Vermont towns. For each of these towns, anyone can find the latest town meeting minutes, review them, post their own comments, find information and story ideas in the minutes, and share it with VPR and the entire community.

Now, anyone - VPR staff, reporters, bloggers, citizens - can search across all the minutes. Are you wondering which towns are talking about snow removal? Are you a reporter writing a story about wastewater? Are you a resident wondering what other towns are doing about sidewalkstraffic, or playgrounds? Are you wondering how Vermont city and town governments are grappling with issues from Tropical Storm IreneSearch Public Post.

If you find something interesting in the minutiae, post it right on the site and share it with everyone who visits the site, or email it to VPR as a news tip or story idea to be produced for a broader audience.

In the coming weeks and months we will continue to add new towns and new features to Public Post, all to serve the mission of discovering what's going on and what's important in cities and towns across Vermont. We'd love your feedback and participation.

Check out Public Post today: search, browse, and share what you find.

(Reposted from the VPR News Blog, originally posted 2/13/12)

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