Thursday, March 1, 2012

Town Meeting Day Coverage From VPR... and YOU!

VPR is your source for coverage of Town Meeting Day and Super Tuesday primaries, and we're asking for YOUR help to send updates and anecdotes from your town.

Of course, VPR News will provide in-depth coverage with VPR Newscasts throughout the day, during Vermont Edition at noon, with a special VPR News live broadcast at 7pm, and anytime at We'll provide updates from Town Meetings from around the state as well as full Super Tuesday results and analysis from our partners at NPR. You can get a preview of what we've already covered leading up to Town Meeting Day at

We're also looking for YOUR help to tell the story of Town Meeting Day in your town. Use Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter, along with VPR's Public Post, to share updates, results, photos, anecdotes, or even your favorite town meeting recipe. By using Social Media, you're sharing your stories with the entire community. VPR staff will aggregate these messages and tweets, as well as links to Town Meeting Day stories, using the social media tool Storify. Visit VPR's Public Post for details on how you can participate in the Town Meeting Day coverage.

"Town Meeting Day continues to provide Vermonters with the opportunity to connect with their local government and guide decisions in their towns," says VPR’s News Director Ross Sneyd. "VPR's Public Post was built on that tradition and is designed to help Vermoneters stay in touch with their governments throughout the year not just at town meeting."

While you're at Public Post, browse local government minutes, including many Town Meeting Day warnings, from more than 70 Vermont cities and towns. You can search the minutes, comment on the minutes, and share what you find.

Turn to VPR on Tuesday, March 6, for full coverage of Town Meeting Day 2012.

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