Monday, May 14, 2012

Art Hounds Wants YOU!

Building on an idea originally created at Minnesota Public Radio, VPR is excited to announce a new project called, Art Hounds!

Art Hounds invites people within our own vibrant, local arts community to rave about and recommend performances, exhibits, concerts and happenings in Vermont, New York, the Upper Valley and Quebec.

Each week, VPR will feature these Art Hounds on the air, briefly talking about a performance or event they're excited to see and want to share with others. There is a catch: The work can't be your own!

If you'd like to become an Art Hound and brag on an art opening, photography showing, dance performance or poetry reading so we can share it with the VPR audience, go here!

And stay tuned to VPR for the first installment of Art Hounds!  

Art Hounds was created by Minnesota Public Radio News, and is powered by The Public Insight Network.


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