Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Change Goes A Long Way

VPR member Susan Beard is a big believer in change; loose change, that is.

When Sue arrived at this year's Commentators Brunch, she presented the VPR staff with a gift: a cake tin full of pennies, nickels, and quarters, adding up to $26.31.

In her work at a car dealership in Rutland and while she runs errands on weekends, Sue is always on the lookout for any orphaned change that needs a home.

When asked what her strategy is, she noted that the best place to look is under parking meters, especially in the early spring.

"If people drop money in the snow, they won't bother to go after it," she explained. "In my view, it's public money, so I thought it should go to public radio."

Thanks Sue! That change is now being put to good use and your generosity is truly appreciated.

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