Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrating 140 Years Of Service

Each June, the VPR staff gets together for lunch to celebrate each other's achievements and milestones. This year, we had a sunny picnic to celebrate 17 employees for their service to VPR.

Starting at left in the back row, they are: Ty Robertson, 15 years, Victoria St. John, 15 years, Willie Pearson, 5 years, Patti Daniels, 10 years, Jonathan Butler, 5 years, Jane Lindholm, 5 years, Brian Jones, 5 years, (front row, left to right) Rich Parker, 15 years, Susan Bushey, 5 years, Michelle Jeffery, 10 years, and Ric Cengeri, 5 years. Not pictured are 5-year VPR vets Karen Anderson, Liz Fullerton, Joe Goetz, Dave McGown, and Ross Sneyd, as well as 10-year employees Lynne McCrea and Susan Keese.

That adds up to 140 years of service! Congratulations all! Here are some more photos from the event:

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