Monday, September 17, 2012

Schedule Of Debates On VPR

VPR will host six live candidate debates this campaign season. Hosted by Bob Kinzel and Jane Lindholm , the debates will be live at noon and rebroadcast at 7pm.

Listeners are asked to record questions for any debate in advance by calling (802) 552-3425, or email questions to

US HOUSE: Wed, Oct 10
(R) Mark Donka
(D) Peter Welch*

US SENATE: Fri, Oct 12
(R) John MacGovern
(I) Bernie Sanders*

AUDITOR: Wed, Oct 17
(D/P) Doug Hoffer
(R) Vince Illuzzi

(R) Jack McMullen
(D) Bill Sorrell*
(P) Ed Stanak

LT. GOV: Wed, Oct 24
(D/P) Cassandra Gekas
(R) Phil Scott*

TREASURER:  Fri, Oct 26
(D) Beth Pearce*
(P) Don Schramm
(R) Wendy Wilton

* indicates incumbent

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