Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is The VPR iPhone App Crashing?

A number of listeners reported that the VPR iPhone App was working for them but the latest version is crashing without playing.

We reported the issue to our partners, PRX.org, and they quickly located and resolved an issue that should address the problem. A new version of the App has been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval. Once it's approved, you'll receive an notification on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that the update is available.

Thanks for your reports. The App has been working for most listeners, so we might not have found this without your emails and tweets. If you ever have a problem with the App, or any of our digital services, please report it via VPR.net.

Jonathan Butler
VPR Digital Services

Updated 12/7/2012
The lastest version of the VPR iPhone App (v1.11) was approved and is available for update from the App Store. Please update the App and let us know if you still have trouble.

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