Friday, January 18, 2013

Healing The Brokenhearted

Last weekend, on the one month anniversary of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, five of the nation's leading children's choirs joined their voices in song at St. James Cathedral in Chicago.

The purpose of the performance was to offer comfort and solace to the families of children lost to gun violence.  VPR Classical will carry this hour-long concert on Sunday, January 20th at noon.

The performance will premiere American composer Lita Grier's "Missa Brevis for the Children," conducted by Doreen Rao.

The young choirs will be joined by members of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, St. James Cathedral Choir, the William Ferris Chorale and organist Bruce Barber II.

The radio host is 11 year-old Masha Lakisova, a talented violinist, and an interfaith roster of spiritual leaders will offer words and prayer throughout the performance.

Tune in at noon on Sunday and let us know your thoughts at

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