Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Support VPR And Win

With so many choices, why do you listen to and support Vermont Public Radio?

Because it gives you topics for dinner conversation?

Because Walter Parker’s voice soothes your young children?

Because you’re convinced Terry Gross is a mind reader by always asking just the right question?

Because you could win lots of prizes?

Okay, that last one is more of a bonus. VPR's membership drive begins next week, and whatever your reason for listening, we hope you will make a pledge today to support this essential service. Plus, when you make a pledge now you’ll be entered to win:

The sooner you pledge, the more chances you have to win – a no-brainer, right?

Thanks in advance for your support. And remember, if you’re a sustaining member, you’re already entered in all of the drawings. Good luck!

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