Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Moth Radio Hour - More to Come!

Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.
— Robert McKee, author of Story

Stories are the essence of public radio, whether it’s a news story that connects us with an American soldier on patrol, a funny story about automobiles and relationships on Car Talk, or a compelling narrative on This American Life.
For the past five Saturdays, VPR has broadcast The Moth Radio Hour – people telling their stories with no script and no props. The power of storytelling has brought laughter, tears, and driveway moments to VPR listeners throughout the region. Here is a sampling of the emails we’ve received:
I am crazy about your new show The Moth… I am always amazed at how brave and clever each storyteller seems... I have found myself really deeply connecting with these brave souls through radio – just my ear and their voice. - Allie Clark Leicester
I was on my way to the grocery store, listening to VPR, and heard a story about a father who was Instant Messaging with his son, and didn't realize that "lol" meant "laughing out loud," not "lots of love." I got to the store and sat in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes to hear the end of the segment. Turns out I was listening to New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik on the Moth Radio Hour. What a great story! Please keep this program on the air. - Cathy Resmer, Winooski
I am so pleased that you are broadcasting The Moth Radio Show. I am a long term contributor and this kind of radio show is exactly the reason why I continue to contribute. I know of no other radio station that puts on this kind of entertainment. - Mary Judy Hurd, Newport Center
I have enjoyed, laughed and cried listening to the series, and am sorry to see that it apparently is only a five episode set, so this Saturday will be the last? I hope you will consider making it a part of your regular schedule. - Barbara Lawson, Champlain New York
So what is the future of The Moth Radio Hour? VPR will rebroadcast The Moth Radio Hour pilot series this winter (dates and times TBA). I can also tell you that there are plans to produce at least 10 more episodes in 2010. We hope The Moth becomes a weekly radio program. (In the meantime, you can subscribe to The Moth podcast of individual stories)

The Moth Radio Hour is produced by Jay Allison, award winning producer of the public radio series This I Believe. Listener support makes programs like this possible. Thanks for listening and letting us know what you think about The Moth.

Franny Bastian
Senior Producer

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  1. I heard and enjoyed Adam Gopnik's story about LOL, broadcast on WAMU-FM here in Washington, DC. A former newsroom and copy editor colleague often ends his messages to me with LOL, and I thought he would enjoy this story.

    After my television died in September 1997, I turned in my cable box and have listened much more to public radio and news radio. I see television only occasionally, but nothing on television now prompts me to rush out to buy another television ... and I've been in the media (print and broadcast) for 40 years.

    With all the fawning coverage of television programs and celebrities, I'm waiting for a print or broadcast story on the people who don't own a TV. Indeed, "don't own a TV" is a search criterion choice on singles Web sites.

    Arlington, VA


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