Monday, September 28, 2009

VPR Newsroom Visitors

Although VPR's news team has grown exponentially since 2001, the VPR newsroom remains one of the least-traveled parts of our main studios here in Colchester. Located upstairs from the rest of VPR's offices, it's not part of the main tour and even out of the way for most other staffers, although though we're always told we're welcome upstairs anytime. The Vermont Edition crew has even thrown parties (complete with invitations and snacks!) in order to lure colleagues to check out the space.

Today, however, we were thrilled to welcome a journalism class from Mount Mansfield Union High School for a tour of VPR, including the seldom-seen but always-heard newsroom. News Editor Ross Sneyd answered questions about news and radio from these future journalists, and they got a glimpse of the kind of place they might work someday.




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