Monday, October 19, 2009

Mount Mansfield Update

As we noted in a blog post a few weeks ago, our WVPS transmitter at 107.9 has been operating at greatly reduced power while we moved our equipment to a new building on Mt. Mansfield. We are thrilled to say that the move is complete, and 107.9 is broadcasting at full power once again.

The work took a bit longer due to some unexpected setbacks, and so a special thanks to all of you whose reception has been limited over the last couple of weeks.

Tower work is difficult even under perfect conditions, but the early onset of winter last week made the move all the more treacherous. Thanks to our engineers and our engineering contractor Dave Groth, his crew, and the tower riggers who worked over the weekend on the transmission lines under icy conditions outdoors.

There will be one more brief period of low power operation this afternoon (Monday) for some follow up work, but after that things should return to normal operation.

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