Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Support VPR & Share the Warmth

Imagine yourself having no money in the bank - and the fuel gauge on your furnace is almost on empty. The forecast calls for cold and snow and you don’t know how you’ll keep your family warm.

Thousands of Vermont families find themselves in situations like this every winter. Some have used up their Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) allocation, some don’t qualify for assistance. Add to the mix a trip to the doctor, a car repair, or a reduction in work hours and the family is thrown into financial crisis.

That’s where Warmth and CVPS Shareheat come in. These programs provide the safety net for families who have no where else to turn. Last year, these programs helped more than 5500 families avoid a heating crisis by providing money for fuel and furnace repairs.

VPR has partnered with Chittenden Bank during our fall membership drive to help keep the heat on this winter. With every pledge to VPR, Chittenden Bank will make a donation to Warmth and CVPS Shareheat.

Your contribution to VPR today benefits you, VPR and our community. Your pledge helps pay for the programming you enjoy every day, supports VPR as an independent source of news and culture for our region, and helps a Vermont family stay warm this winter.

You can learn more and make your pledge here.
Thanks for supporting VPR and sharing the warmth!

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