Wednesday, October 7, 2009

VPR's prEview E-Newsletter for October 7, 2009

What I like most about living in Vermont is that we always seem to be on the verge of…something. No sooner do we lament the cold and lonely grill than we rediscover the joy of soup. I don’t wake up as easily in the dark, but the cool air allows me to sleep more soundly. And not long after that final swim…say, is that snow up there on the mountain? My friend teases that I’m not happy unless I am working on a project. Living here helps satisfy that constant need for change and evolution.

It’s also the reason I love VPR, where there is always more news and music to explore. In this edition of prEview, meet Captain Richard Phillips, the merchant marine held hostage by Somali pirates and dramatically rescued earlier this year. He’ll join us on Vermont Edition next week. Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s Ben Jaffe joins George Thomas on VPR, and you can hear the debut performance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s new conductor on VPR Classical. Plus, in VPR Cooks, Ross Sneyd shares his recipe for apple-cranberry quick bread.

Michelle Jeffery


Vermont Edition: Photographing Vermont
Today, noon and 7 p.m.
Fall is the perfect time in Vermont to get outside with your camera to capture mountains against a stormy sky, that one perfect orange leaf or the sight of your children running for the bus. Listen today for a discussion about photogaphing Vermont. If you have questions, or great Vermont photos, send them to And check out our Vermont photo gallery here!

Vermont Edition: UVM President Dan Fogel
Friday, October 9, noon and 7 p.m.
Listen Friday for a discussion about UVM with school president Dan Fogel. After a tough year of budget cuts at the University of Vermont, we'll talk about how this school year is going, and what lies ahead for fiscal year 2010.

Vermont Edition: Captain Richard Phillips
Thursday, October 15, noon and 7 p.m.
When Underhill resident Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage by Somali pirates, his story captured the world’s attention. Since his release in April, he’s spent much of his time back home, and now he’s written a book about his experience. Capt. Phillips and his neighbor and fellow Merchant Marine, Michael Willard, join us to talk about the life and risks of a career in the Merchant Marines.


Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s Ben Jaffe
Thursday, October 8, 9 p.m.
George Thomas welcomes Ben Jaffe of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to VPR Studios Thursday. Ben Jaffe's father started Preservation Hall in 1961 as a place for the older, original generations of jazz musicians to play. He’ll discuss the state of jazz, New Orleans, and the band’s upcoming benefit for the Vermont Foodbank.

In Concert @8: LA Philharmonic’s Gustavo Dudamel

Monday, October 12, 8 p.m.
Listen for the energetic young conductor Gustavo Dudamel making his debut with the Los Angeles Philharmonic's new maestro, next Monday during In Concert @8 on VPR Classical. Dudamel is known for teaching music to Venezuala’s poorest children – starting as young as 2! Don't miss one of the most anticipated classical events of the season!


VPR Cooks: Apple-Cranberry Quick Bread

For the last two weeks, delicious, dense, seeded bread has been showing up in the VPR kitchen for all to share. When one colleague started asking around about it, everyone else chimed in, some even offering to trade for the recipe. The bread was actually purchased from a baker at the Burlington farmer’s market, but VPR’s Ross Sneyd still handed over this recipe for “embarrassingly easy” apple-cranberry quick bread.

Vermont 3.0 Innovation Jam
Monday, October 26
The Vermont 3.0 Innovation Jam takes place Monday, October 26th at the Sheraton in South Burlington. It’s a showcase of Vermont's creative technology companies and features demonstrations, start-up help, and career advice from local entrepreneurs and CEOs. Learn more online here, and don’t forget to come by the VPR table to say hello!

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