Monday, January 25, 2010

Careening down a mountainside at 35 mph

I moved to Vermont from Miami, Florida, so most people are stunned when I confess that Winter has become my favorite season. A major reason is that I can go sledding in Vermont at speeds that defy reason.

Recently, on assignment for a piece for Vermont Edition, I broke out my Hammerhead Sled and tested the community hill in St. Albans called Hard'ack. Hard'ack includes a snowboarding hill, cross country and snowshoeing trails and a hockey rink. But I was there for their sledding hill - a straight run with just enough dips and bumps to make it exciting. The Vermont-made Hammerhead Sled is the 21st Century's answer to the old Flexible Flyer - only lighter and faster, with steering like a sports car. I also own a Mad River Rocket (another VT company) and a Swiss Bob.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday at Hard'ack, ripping down the hill at speeds I'm guestimating at around 35 miles per hour. As much as the speed thrilled me, what impressed me most was the camaraderie amongst the sledders and the fun that parents were sharing with their children. What a great way to enjoy these winter months.

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