Wednesday, June 16, 2010

VPR prEview: Win A Hybrid Car, The Long Trail Turns 100, New VPR Classical Stations

The only downside of having a lot of hobbies is that you never get as much time as you’d like to spend on any one activity. It used to be that the only choice I had to make was which trail to hike, but my choices have grown exponentially. Now I ask myself, "do I roller skate or run? Mountain or road bike? Read or write? Visit my farmer’s market or explore a new town?" The possibilities are endless!

I plan to reconnect with the mountains by hiking the Long Trail this summer, just in time to celebrate the trail’s 100th year. Read on to learn about how you can contribute to VPR’s coverage of this anniversary. Also in this edition of prEview, you could win a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid in VPR’s first-ever Summer Car Raffle. Plus, learn more about VPR Classical coming to central Vermont next month.

Wherever the summer takes you, I hope you’ll bring VPR along for the ride.

Happy trails,
Michelle Jeffery

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  1. Finishing the Long Trail was one of my proudest moments, even though I had to do it piecemeal as a single parent. The memories have been flooding back as I've listened to your segment on VPR. Thanks!
    Some qoutes from my journal:
    *Every ounce counts!
    *Roll him over!
    *You brought pound cake?!!!
    *I've fallen and can't get up!
    *You look like a dead turtle!
    *Forest Gimp

    Many thanks!
    "morning glory"


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