Friday, June 11, 2010

"We're On The Air!"

A special morning of music, friends, and - a whole new radio station! - this past Tuesday at the Mahaney Center for the Arts at Middlebury College. Around 130 of us gathered to celebrate the launch of WOXM 90.1 FM, broadcasting classical music to Addison County and beyond. Many months ago when the planning for this day first began, I was delighted when Annemieke Spoelstra said she would be able to join me on the air for a live performance.

Her lovely performance of Chopin and Schumann were the perfect complement to all of the excited applause, just moments after WOXM went on the air. I was reminded of the Hans Christian Anderson quote: "Where words fail, music speaks."


  1. YEAH...

    VPR Classical is back. I am so pleased. I enjoy it at home, in my car and at work. No more blah, blah, blah.... excuse me. But, I can listen to beautiful music all week, and tune in to VPR on Saturday morning or when I'm home.

    Thank you and thank you to the folks who made it possible.
    An Addison County VPR member

  2. Was the program recorded? I was unable to listen and would love the opportunity to hear Annemieke Spoelstra's beautiful playing (a friend sent me her wonderful CD and I think very much of her)!

    While I live abroad, I listen to VPR by streaming. You provide a truly wonderful service.


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