Friday, June 4, 2010

Welch, Leahy, and Sanders - Oh My!

By some miracle of scheduling, the Vermont Edition team has managed to schedule ALL of Vermont's congressional delegation - Rep. Peter Welch, Sen. Patrick Leahy, and Sen. Bernie Sanders - within three weeks.

Rep. Welch joined Jane Lindholm last Tuesday and took your questions, and Sen. Leahy (pictured in the studio before the show, at left) was on today's program - you can hear the show again tonight at 7. Bernie Sanders will be our guest next Tuesday, June 8th to complete the trifecta. If you have questions for Sen. Sanders, please email them to

The opportunity to ask questions of our elected officials and other newsmakers is one of the hallmarks of Vermont Edition and public radio. With so much going on in the state and country recently, we are pleased to be able to connect you with all of Vermont's congressional delegation in such a short time. I hope you'll tune in!

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