Friday, October 29, 2010

Check Out What VPR Is Scaring Up For Halloween!

The Capitol Steps: Politics Takes A Holiday!
Put down your torch and pitchfork this Halloween and join the Capitol Steps as we skewer everything left, right and wrong with the country today!

Campus Exorcism
A VPR Commentary by Joe Citro

"St. Michael’s College in Colchester is named after the angel who booted Lucifer out of Heaven. But some say the eternal battle between good and evil is still being fought at the school... For decades there’s been a persistent rumor that an exorcism was performed right there on campus."

I Put A Spell On You....Because You're Mine!!
Happy Halloween, and a veritable traffic jam of local concerts during the upcoming week in the VPR listening area! Listen to Robert Resnik at 1pm on Halloween!

Classical Halloween
This morning, VPR Classical's Walter Parker and Cheryl Willoughby celebrated Halloween with "a frightening brew of the dark, the dissonant, and the downright macabre". Now, take your turn at Bone-Chillers And Blood-Curdlers: The 'Deceptive Cadence' Halloween Puzzler from NPR Music. For the youngest classical fans, you know Classics For Kids will select some "appropriately spooky classical music" for the holiday. (photo by Cheryl Willoughby)

Halloween Tricks And Audio Treats From NPR
Visit for "Beyond The Grave: Contacting Houdini," "Ten Things I Learned As A Zombie," "In 'Amityville,' A True Real Estate Horror Story," and more at!

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