Monday, October 18, 2010

Vermont Storytellers

Throughout the country, people are gathering in small groups to tell stories. Inspired in part by the public radio program, “The Moth”, participants share personal stories live on stage with no notes. "Moth-like" storytelling is happening in Burlington and Middlebury - and perhaps at a coffee shop near you.

The Vermont College of Fine Arts
recently held a Celebration of Storytelling in Montpelier. About 20 people put their name in the hat and waited to see if they'd be selected to come up on stage to tell their story. The Chapel was standing room only as ten people told their stories. It was a fun and memorable night for everyone there - and an honor for VPR to be involved.

VPR brings you five of those stories this week at 4:50pm during All Things Considered. The stories will also be available online.

We'd love to hear about storytelling events in your community. Here is the schedule of the Vermonters you will hear on VPR this week. Make sure to tell all your friends to listen.

10/18: Ann Hagman Cardinal of Morrisville explains how a daughter will go to any lengths to honor her mother’s last wish. Her story is entitled “Elaina’s Ashes”

10/19: Susan Cooke Kittredge of Shelburne shares a special moment from the memorial service for her mother-in-law. Her story is titled, “The Calling Card”

10/20: Gary Moore of East Calais tells about an encounter with an intriguing stranger. His story – entitled “There” – offers some food for thought.

10/21: Tom Boone of Sutton tells the story of day when everything that could go wrong went wrong – but the day still ended perfectly. His story is called “Coincidence and a Kiss”.

10/22: Peter Smith, who was Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor in the 1980s, tells a story from his college days entitled “The Tiger and the Bulldog.”

Speaking of The Moth, listen for five new episodes of The Moth Radio Hour beginning Saturday, November 6th at 4pm on VPR.

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  1. This is so great VPR did this! It was a magical night for those of us who were there. I was disappointed you didn't choose to broadcast Tom Green's story which really brought down the house. But so happy this art form is on the air on VPR! More, please.



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