Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Know You're A Die-Hard VPR Listener When...

During this morning's fundraising on Morning Edition with Mitch Wertlieb and Jane Lindholm, we got to talking on and off the air about how you know if you're a VPR die-hard. Here were some of our thoughts:

Jane: You know you're a VPR die-hard when you say "Goooooood morning!" along with Mark Breen during the Eye on the Sky forecast.

Mitch: You know you're a VPR die-hard when you not only have a VPR sticker on your car, but also on your home appliances, and sometimes on your pets and children.

Jane: You know you're a VPR die-hard when you can not only pronounce but spell the names of reporters like Sylvia Poggoli, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, or Snigdha Prakash.

Sustaining Member Carrie of Montpelier: You know you're a VPR die-hard when you can't even conceive of having your VPR Artist Mug collection interrupted by even one mug.

Mitch: You know you're a VPR die-hard when you've perfected your Lynne Rosetto-Kasper impression from The Splendid Table.

Me: You know you're a VPR die-hard when your roller derby name is Susan Slamberg, and your number is 107.9 FM.

How do you know you're a VPR die-hard? Let us know! One sure way is to make a financial contribution. Please make a pledge today online, or by calling 1-800-639-6391. Thanks for all you do!


  1. Already a member: You know you're a VPR die-hard when you lose the signal and the sudden silence makes your blood run cold.

  2. You know you are a VPR die-hard when you are super tuned-in to interlude music because you are anticipating The Grateful Dead OR when you practice saying "Dakar" like Sylvia Poggioli does.

  3. You're either a die-hard or spend way too much time alone in your car trying to perfect your Robert Lustig accent. Not that I ever do that.

    You know you're a die-hard when you sit in your car in your driveway at 20 below zero to hear the end of a story.

    You know you're a die-hard when your Saturday errands are timed with military-style precision so that you don't miss one minute of Car Talk & Wait Wait (i.e. get out the car at the dump at 9:54 to ATM between 11:00 a.m. - 11:04 a.m.).

    Best wishes from Trish in Newark

  4. You know you're a VPR die-hard when you pull into the driveway of your house (or whatever your destination is) and you sit there with the engine idling and the car radio going because you HAVE to finish listening to the broadcast. What's known as a driveway moment.

  5. You know you're a die-hard VPR listener when you listen straight through the pledge drives, not hitting mute or switching to NCPR, but rooting for the hard-working staff you care about, rooting for the public radio mission and quality you care about, curious to hear the next creative pitch line, and ready to say the number right along with them...1.800.639.6391!


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