Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poetic Pairings - 4/14/2011

VPR Classical is celebrating National Poetry Month with "poetic pairings" - a poetry reading paired with a piece of music that somehow relates to the featured poem.

Today I'll feature a piece by a man known for poetry, but his creative output also included plays, paintings, novels, and essays. His legacy is in unusually original poetic forms, his fearless experimenting with traditional meter and construction, and, his conspicuous disregard of capital letters.

e.e. cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and authored around 2,900 works of different kinds. At the time of his death (September, 1962) he was one of the most read poets of the day in the U.S. along with Robert Frost.

This morning's poetic pairing features a reading of cummings' poem, "i thank you god for most this amazing day" along with Eric Whitacre's contemporary choral setting of that verse.

Listen for more poetic pairings this month, weekday mornings from 8-10am on VPR Classical. And you can find out more about Vermont's month-long celebration of poetry, "Poetry Alive!" here.

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