Friday, April 8, 2011

The Vermont Garden Journal Is Back

The Vermont Garden Journal is back with weekly organic gardening advice from horticulturist Charlie Nardozzi. You can tune into new episodes on Friday afternoons at 5:55 and Saturday mornings at 8:55.

Last week Charlie gave us his choices of new vegetable varieties for 2011. At the top of his list were hearty, blight-resistant tomatoes and ugly-skinned squash that have the delicate subtle taste of hazelnuts (heads up to you hazelnut coffee heads!) This week Charlie shares flower varieties that are old, new, borrowed, and blue - no wedding necessary.

The Vermont Garden Journal is satisfying those springtime urges now, but will be around for the long haul through harvest season. Prepare yourself for 31 weeks of gardening insight and advice from local expert Charlie Nardozzi. Each week, Charlie focuses on a topic that's relevant to both new and experienced gardeners. From lawns and lilacs, to giant pumpkins, perennials, and pests; Charlie Nardozzi covers a lot of ground in this series.

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And for full transcripts and audio as well as all of last seasons’ episodes, check out VPR’s Vermont Garden Journal Page.

Tune in next week for full disclosure on the Jerusalem Artichoke --- this underground operator’s neither an artichoke nor from Jerusalem.

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