Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poetic Pairings - 4/13/2011

VPR Classical is celebrating National Poetry Month each morning at 8am with "poetic pairings" - a poet reading their own work, followed by a piece of music that somehow fits the theme of the poem.

We began last week with Hayden Carruth's "Regarding Chainsaws" paired with the Frank Nuyts marimba concerto, "Woodnotes".

This morning we'll turn to an exceptional woman who is both a Pulitzer prizewinner and a recipient of the National Medal of Arts - the nation's highest honor for artists.

Maya Angelou reads her "Phenomenal Woman", followed by Joan Tower's "Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman #1".

Listen for more poetic pairings this month, weekday mornings from 8-10am on VPR Classical. And you can find out more about Vermont's month-long celebration of poetry, "Poetry Alive!" here.

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