Sunday, January 1, 2012

All The Traditions Moving To Sunday Evenings

A note from All The Traditions Host Robert Resnik:

Happy New Year! I wanted to let you in on some exciting news that I announced on All The Traditions today: beginning next Sunday, January 8th, we’ll be moving our weekly kitchen party to Sunday evenings from 7-10 p.m.!

In the 40-plus years that I have been hosting radio programs in our area, this is the very first time that I have ever had an evening show! The show will continue to feature the best folk music from Vermont and around the world, plus live performances and my weekly calendar of upcoming concerts and events. Plus, the new time may also provide opportunities to add some occasional live performances by local and touring musicians.

I hope you’ll join me for this new adventure! You can read more about the other changes to VPR’s Sunday schedule here.

Best wishes for a happy and musical new year!

Robert Resnik


  1. Sorry that your program is moving to 7 to 10 pm.I for one do not like this change, I plan my Sundays around your show and will miss it. Guess I will have to listen to anouther channel on Sundays. 10 pm is to late for me.

  2. Yay...I will no longer have to figure out where to find WiFi or to smuggle along a small radio on beautiful Sunday afternoons outings. We are so fortunate to have wonderful public radio here in Vermont, and All the Traditions is one of the shows that makes VPR so special.

    D.M. Graham, Essex

  3. Yes, I must admit, doing Sunday chores, gardening, going back and forth from inside to outside, especially during the summer months, it's such a simple joy to hear the folk music playing all afternoon. Seems like the afternoon is a more appropriate time than the night for this type of music. I looked forward to this music on Sundays so much !!
    Oh well, good luck on the new time change.

  4. A bittersweet change, to be sure. As a recent transplant to the VPR listening area, my husband, our young daughters, and I enjoyed Sunday afternoons with Robert Resnick, traveling home from camping and hiking trips or cooking and hanging out in our house, always with the interesting, surprising, thoughtful, and thought-provoking sounds of All the Traditions. Now, my poor daughters will be sleeping, missing out on the edifying tunes offered up to us on Sunday afternoons. At least this announced change allows me to thank Robert Resnick for broadening our ears, no matter the time of day.

  5. I love Robert Resnik's program and I will miss its time period in the middle of Sunday Afternoon. I listen while driving, mostly, and I am often in the car for long periods (sometimes driving to Boston) when Mr Resnik's program runs. I wonder whether the great, ever receptive VPR actually asked its listeners (not me) or if it decided on other evidence. Or none.

    I am less than happy, FWIW

  6. We love Robert Resnick's show and are loyal listeners. We're sorry to hear about this change in the time for "All The Traditions" as it has become one of our own traditions to take the radio outside nearly every Sunday afternoon from spring to fall and listen when we are working outside in our gardens. In the winter we listen as well doing household chores or cooking and baking. Also the new time will conflict with "The Folk Show" on NHPR, another excellent show. Now we will have to choose one or the other. Count us as 2 negative votes on the new time change.
    Cynthia & Richard Harris, Colebrook NH

  7. i am pleased to be able to hear" all the traditions" in the evening. especially in the summer i would regularly miss the show due to being out and about on sunday afternoon. now i just have to stay awake til 10pm to hear the best homegrown show on vpr! neville hall, burlington.

  8. Larry Weil, Salem, NHJanuary 8, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    I know VPR’s listening area overlaps quite a bit with that of New Hampshire Public Radio, so it does not make sense to me to have your program on at the same time that NHPR has their weekly folk show. I usually listen to both, your show via streaming (except when I’m traveling in VT) and the NH Folk Show over the air. Now I will have to make a choice to listen to one tor the other.

  9. Robert,
    Thanks so much for all of the years of Sunday afternoon listening. Your show has been my company during so many home projects, always knowing it would make my work lighter. I'm sorry to see the change and hope that it has been your choice. A repeat of programming I've already heard on Saturday....well... I will tune in at the evening slot as often as I am able.

  10. Robert,
    I have to say I was initially shocked to hear the schedule change news having listened to your most excellenet show since its beginning. I've heard so much good music and have a warm spot for Finest Kind and their sea shantys. Your show creates a special mood for my Sunday afternoons.

    However, it is 2012 and I have just installed TuneIn on my iThings because for $0.99 it lets me schedule and record streaming audio. So now I can record your show and listen when I want or maybe record NHPR's folk show on Sunday night and play it on the next Sunday afternoon then listen to you live.

    It is a brave new world. Keep up the good work. You are greatly appreciated. -tr

  11. Goodbye Robert. I will miss your show.

  12. Dear Robert, your Sunday afternoon program has kept us company for so many years. Thank you for introducing us to old and new talent as we go about our gardening or renovating projects. My husband and I believe that All the Traditions is the best of the best VPR has to offer in terms of music programs. We are sad about the we will turn VPR off during the duplicate Sunday programs. Your program would definitely be worth hearing twice each week but certainly not Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. We are hoping this change is just a station glitch.

  13. I was shocked Sunday when I tried to listen to Says You and got all the traditions instead. I like All the Traditions, but can't see any logic to running it against the Folk Show on NHPR. Says You has always been the unofficial "end" of our weekend, with Traditions provided nice listening in the afternoon. I'm sorry to see another case of fixing something that was not broken.

  14. I am so disappointed that All The Traditions has moved. Every week I would look forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon, listening not only to the music, but to Robert's informative tidbits. It was my favorite three hours of the week! I'm not much of a night person and definitely don't stay up late on a Sunday evening.


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