Friday, January 27, 2012

VPR's Community Forum Seeks New Members

Do you describe yourself to friends as a passionate listener of Vermont Public Radio? Maybe you're all about the news or social media or classical music. Maybe you're fascinated by the all the changes occurring in media. Then a seat on VPR's Community Forum may be just the right thing.

What exactly is the Community Forum?

The Community Forum is a volunteer group of about 40 listeners that meets twice a year in half-day sessions over a two-year term. It's something like a large focus group. The Forum provides VPR with a valuable regular connection to listeners from our communities. In our sessions, members share perspectives on programming (broadcast and digital) and learn how VPR works behind the scenes. It's also an opportunity to meet the VPR staff and fellow listeners from around the region. Some of the sessions are held at VPR's Colchester studios. Some are held in central or southern parts of the state.

We're taking applications now for the new two-year term on the community Forum. Check it out here, tell us a little about yourself using the Community Forum Application.

This year's meetings will be held in April and October.

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  1. Thanks for VPR. However I am unhappy with the new weekend scheduling - especially on Sunday. Miss the 10 AM media show. Wait Wait! repeat is boring (never liked that show). Miss 'All the Traditions' on Sunday afternoon. Don't know what I will do this Spring, Summer and Fall when I am doing my outside chores without the pleasure of being able to listen to Traditions....


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