Thursday, October 11, 2012

VPR's Saturday Special Features Alec Baldwin

Fans of Jack Donaghy (of "30 Rock" fame) rejoice!

Actually, that slick and scrupulous character, portrayed by award-winning actor Alec Baldwin, never really shows up on this new public radio special, Here's The Thing.

Instead, listeners are treated to a genuinely interested and humorous host in Baldwin, as he talks with entertainers and musicians, visiting them at their apartments and homes and asking the questions we'd all ask if we could. The program is produced by our friends at WNYC and will make its debut on VPR this weekend.

This new VPR Saturday Special begins Saturday, October 13 at 4 p.m. and Baldwin's first guest is the Piano Man himself: Billy Joel. Listen for upcoming episodes of this five-part series when Baldwin chats with former "Saturday Night Live" cast member, Kristen Wiig; legendary talk show host, Dick Cavet; stand-up comedian, Chris Rock and others.

Let us know what you think of VPR's new Saturday Special, Here's The Thing.


  1. I think the program is really interesting, and am impressed by Alec Baldwin's questions and comments. I've caught up with the program via podcasts, as 4 pm on Sat. Isn't convenient for me. A good addition to the VPR lineup.

  2. So far really good.


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